From fear to fearless pt.1

When we come into the world, we are a blank slate. Our basic needs are food, sleep and love. Touch, petting, caresses and warmth. All in all, this gives us the security of being a calm baby. But on the other side is our haven. The mother. The one who, once she felt the first kick, never slept peacefully again. And so we "inherit" our first fear at a very early age. But then those fears pile up with each of our advances. The fear of not turning away from the changing table, of something happening to us in our sleep, of choking on too big a piece. By the time we take our first steps, we have a whole host of fears in our bones. But the fact is, this is not the niche of our fears. It is the fears of our loved ones, and the more they have of themselves, the more they plant in us. And the more we have of ourselves, the more we will pass on to our offspring.

Are we able to overcome the fears of our ancestors and those added by us? Can we really live a happy and fearless life? Stay tuned till next week.