One Good Story

United with good intentions, we create new opportunities for people to lead vigorous lives.

It all started with Andreja, the founder and chief architect of the Good 4 You brand, who crossed paths with Tomaž Hojnik after suffering various injuries that could not be managed with conventional medicine. After a few therapies with Tomaž, she felt as though born again. Tomaž later helped her husband and friends and thus the idea of cooperation came up - the idea of how to help as many people as possible; how to provide access to energies that would bring peace to their lives and help them live life to the fullest.
The wish then formed into thoughts, which manifested in products that can serve as ornaments or home products used in everyday life. That is how the Good For You brand was born. 

It is important for us to have good quality products, designed so that they can be used on a daily basis at home, at work or on holiday. After selecting the collection, Andreja and Tomaž obtained all the official certificates proving its beneficial effects; Tomaž later informed each individual product, which is now marked with the GH symbol and proven to affect human well-being.

The GH symbol meets all the criteria required to obtain certificate no. 0261 of energy with an influence on the human organism.

The GH symbol is stimulating, with a calming effect on muscle tension and skin conductivity. The GH symbol stimulates the human body and has a relaxing effect during prolonged exposure.

Why choose our products?

The Good For You line of carefully selected products has been designed to help you on your path, give you renewed strength and help you keep going when you think you cannot go on.

Enriched with energy

Tomaž Hojnik informs our products with the GH (Good Healer) label, meaning that they have been proven to affect your well-being and energy level.

Informed products, enriched with energy due to the GH symbol, comply with all the criteria necessary to obtain the BION certificate of energy with an influence on human organism no. 0261.

BION Institute

The BION Institute is an internationally renowned research institute devoted to fundamental and applicable research in the fields of bioelectromagnetics and water science. The Institute has been developing and executing standardised tests of various devices and therapies concerning their real capability to influence the physiology of human organisms and the vibrational state of water.