Good Interview with Saša Einsiedler

Being a mother... is usually the most beautiful thing, but sometimes the hardest. When you see your children being the mirror to you, when you see in them the parts of yourself that you have trouble accepting, when you feel like picking up the remote and hitting the "pause" button, you can't.

Being a mother... To fulfill your mission, to give a new life, to be part of a miracle, a divine touch - priceless. I am grateful, even though I didn't plan to have five children, to say YES to life and to enjoy being a mother to the fullest. Not everyone is granted this blessing and each year I become more aware that nothing can be taken for granted!

INTERVIEW Saša Einsiedler

It is said that a healthy person has innumerable desires, and a sick person has only one. When or at what stage of life do you think people begin to realize that health care is our most important responsibility?

Definitely when we get sick. Or when someone close to us gets sick, and that realization certainly comes with age...

How do you take care of your physical, mental and spiritual health?

For the past few years, I've started every morning with a glass of warm water - with a little lemon in the summer, and a few grains of salt in the winter. Then I do energy exercises for the body, yoga and a short meditation. I also include walks in my schedule, at least three times a week for an hour in the fresh air. Other than that, I don't eat gluten, sugar or dairy, only fish from meat. I love vegetables, salads and soups.

Every day I give thanks for a new day, I cultivate gratitude and appreciation for life - just the fact that we are alive is a miracle to me. I read a lot and listen to various lectures on personal growth, energies... I am very interested in all of this and am constantly educating myself. So - I take care of my physical, mental and spiritual state every day!

Have you ever dealt with a serious illness, your own or a loved one's?

I have, then there is an even greater awareness of the importance of health. When we read about people who are sick, we feel like it can't happen to us or our loved ones. But when someone you love gets sick or you get sick yourself, the values in life are reset. And health definitely comes first.

What was going on with you at that time? What were you thinking, how did you deal with the fears, the thoughts that are too often played on us?

I am very fortunate in life to be an extremely optimistic person. Whenever something goes wrong, I look for ways to solve the problem and hope for the best outcome. And since I know very well how our mind works because of my knowledge in hypnotherapy, I can recognize thoughts that do not help me. One of the important laws of our mind is that what we expect has more chances to come true. So if I expect to get sick, I probably really will. And if I expect to say hello or. work towards a healthy life, I will be healthy.

Unfortunately, we humans have so many fears inside of us that they completely overwhelm us. Then thoughts start to run through us like, "What will become of me, what if I don't say goodbye, I will see my children finish school, get married, I will grow old, what will become of me in a few years...." which don't really benefit us, on the contrary, these are thoughts that pull us into a vicious cycle of fears. The more we are in fear, the more power the disease has.

How did you go about the treatment?

I approach any treatment I need holistically. On all levels, not just physical. Because the body is only a part of our being, but it doesn't lie and tell us what we're doing wrong. And I don't just mean food or smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and the like. I also think of our actions, our thinking, our efforts to follow our soul desires, to express our potentials, to be true to ourselves, to live love...

Do you believe in "classical" medicine, alternative, combination?

I myself believe in combination. When I have a headache, I take a pill and at the same time think that I have done everything. I don0t believe that. If my body is telling me a symptom, there is obviously something behind it. Of course I can take a pill to relieve my pain, but the next immediate step is to discover the message the headache is conveying. What is this pain telling me? Where am I acting against myself? What do I not want to see?

So I believe that the combination is the one that wins. I myself also believe that some people have special gifts that they can use to help others. Unfortunately, there are also many who take advantage of the plight of sick people. But some are really sincere!

Are you a trusting person? How does someone gain your trust?

Sometimes I'm too trusting, haha. I'm like, I wish everyone well and then I subconsciously believe everyone else is like that too... I've often "slept" and trusted those who weren't worth my trust. Both personally and professionally. But I've needed those lessons before. Well, now I've learned something too and I'm not so trusting from the beginning anymore.

Do you have a strong empathy or do events that are not directly related to you not touch you that much?

I have extremely strong empathy and have had some experiences in that regard that have taught me to consciously shut down at times. There were times when I wasted my energy, when I let other people put up with me, when I let myself get distracted. Now, however, I have learned that my energy is mine and that I will no longer allow it to be stolen or polluted. That also means I don't watch reports, I don't read angry comments under articles, I don't hang out with people who misbehave and just whine all the time... Of course, someone still comes up to me here and there trying to piss me off, and I quickly recognize that. Every morning I "zip it up" and express my intention that only those I allow can enter my space.

However, I am still extremely open and sensitive to my clients who come in for individual counseling or coaching. But I no longer carry their issues with me all day.

Do you think we are able to heal our "wounds" on our own? Do you think it has something to do with maturity, taking responsibility, or just time passing?

I think sometimes we wait too long. They say time heals all wounds, but that's not necessarily so. Time softens the wounds, but it doesn't heal them. That's why I advise everyone to find someone to help them do what they want to do. Why wait decades when we can do it in a few meetings with someone who can master it? 

Do you know how to forgive?

I do, and I'm grateful for it. But forgiveness is also first a decision. Only then can true forgiveness come. What do I experience with my clients? Women who are disappointed in their (ex-)partners say they have forgiven. Then they turn on the partners. That's not forgiveness, that's suppressing anger and being outwardly beautiful and saying look at me, how good I am, I know how to forgive. Real forgiveness is something completely different, it is love.

What or who is your "happy place"?

My home, a cottage on the edge of the village, overlooking the mountains and forest... What more could you ask for? Well, maybe one day a house with an ocean view.

Do you have a habit you won't give up?

Um, I can't think of anything right now. I don't smoke, I drink coffee once a day if that, but maybe... Nibbling nuts is a habit? If so, I have it, but I would give it up (and have given it up) if I had to. Otherwise, I distract myself from wanting to control things too much, especially when it comes to my kids.

What do you think of your "sixth sense" and how do you use it in your daily life?

Yes, I'm taking it into account more and more and realizing how I kind of blocked it at some point in my life. Now we are getting back in touch with each other.

What kind of creatures do you think we humans are?

Wonderful, wonderful. But at the same time so foolish at times... through fears we become something very different from who we really are. I believe in our divine nature.

What are your gifts, how do you deal with them?

For example, my gift is performance. And because I've always done it with a certain ease, I didn't appreciate it at all. I was burdened with what I wasn't good at instead of cultivating what I was good at. But now it's different, I'm more aware of my gifts and I try to live them as best I can. You know, the gifts we have are ours, but they're really meant for other people and for other people. What good is the gift of speaking if I don't have an audience? What good is the gift of healing if I don't have people to heal?

I myself have the gift of listening to people, accepting them and not judging them. I know how to recognize adversity, I know how to find the right words that heal and caress. I can laugh and share laughter in lectures. My gift is also to show people by example the way that there is always a solution. Most importantly, I have the gift of birth - five children have been conceived through my body and for that I am immensely grateful!

Do you feel connected to something higher, the universe, God, Creator...?

Of course, all the time!

As a human-to-human, what would you advise everyone to do? What as woman-to-woman and what as mother-to-child?

Let's act out of love, we humans are connected by an invisible web and what you do to the other, you do to yourself.

Women, we are different from men, but we are worth just as much as they are, to within a millimeter. So let's not compete with each other or with men, let's work together.

Child... spread your wings, follow your dreams, I don't dream about your parents.

What would you do if the world ended in a week?

I would call all my loved ones, hang out, cheer, talk and laugh all week, dance and eat all the ice cream.