Good Water

Water and Bottle

If we stored all the water in the world in a hundred bottles, we would get 97 bottles of salt water, 2 bottles of fresh water - hidden in ice - and only a finger of drinking water.

Did you know that water has a memory?

Good water is tested and confirmed with the BionEvapo® method. What is the BionEvapo® method?

It is a comparison of two chemically identical waters. From the same origin and treated in the same way, with the difference that one of them has been exposed to a specific radiation or field source. 

Statistically significant differences between the images of dried droplets that were exposed and not exposed to radiation then show us

  • that this is a real (objective) radiation source
  • that this radiation is related in a non-chemical, i.e. physical way, 
  • that water is able to "remember" the impression of this radiation (field) - i.e. to maintain a certain physical state, probably a certain type of endogenous coherent oscillation (Giudic's theory of coherent domains in water) and to express a changed oscillation pattern by a mineral sedimentary pattern.

Physiological tests on humans are necessary to assess whether a source of such radiation is of good biological quality or not. With the BionEvapo® method we can therefore identify at least some sources of fields and radiation that are difficult to detect conventionally, investigate some of their properties and also focus on the properties of the dynamic structure of water.

Good bottle

A Good Bottle is a product of fusing quartz and then hand-worked glass. The informed GH mark is cut into glass and ensures that the water is in the embrace of good energy. The shape of the bottle is reminiscent of an ancient Roman clay amphora and gives a feeling of pleasant comfort.

Good water 

The recommended dose of good water is up to three glasses a day. The memory power of water will first fill you with energy and then slowly balance you with the universe.