Holiday Shopping

A festive time lies ahead of us in which we are all desperately searching for the right gifts for our loved ones. And this year, of all years, is the time to do it differently. A year that reminds us of what is really important, what we do not need and what we long for; touches, kisses, hugs, warmth, compassion, health... to put it in a word - time.

So let us take time to think about ourselves and our loved ones, about what worries us, what makes us happy, what we can use to light up our and their coming days.

For this reason, we have prepared five steps for a good holiday shopping for you.

1. Budget

Define your budget for holiday shopping 

2. Quality before quantity

Decide on a good gift that will put a smile on the face of the recipient.

3. Buy locally

Buy in the shops in your country, especially during this time it is important to support local suppliers.

4. Deliveries and visits

Due to the given situation, you will probably have to send gifts by mail this year. Do not hesitate - make sure your loved ones receive them in time.

5. Personal note

Prepare a personal greeting, a song, a note with wishes or a thank you letter and attach it to the gift.

We hope this will help you to make decisions from the heart. In our good shop, we fulfill all the above recommendations and add - good deeds count.

And remember: gifts are not only reserved for the holidays in December. We can give ourselves and our loved ones a package of joy at any time of year. Just like that and because we remember it.