Let There Be Light

Darkness and light. Two contradictory concepts. An eternal struggle between those who defend light as good and darkness as evil. Have we ever asked ourselves if one exists without the other? How do you know the good if you do not know the evil, and the light if you have never walked in darkness? And last but not least - who are we if we have no dark depths or light widths? And no matter how, there will always be a shadow cast somewhere. And the shadow is what we have to accept as our own.

And what could be better than peaceful evenings, where we lie in embrace of loved ones with music and the feeling of security. When the crackling of a candle accompanies us, when the scent of spices and winter fruits touches us. When the light of a candle warms our hearts, and the shadows it casts on the walls remind us that these are moments imbued with gratitude and love, that we guard them carefully and lean on them when there is less light and the shadows are longer.

Embellish your moments with a luxurious set of candles, handmade in Slovenia. GOOD CANDLE X Matic Benet Ceramics limited edition are reusable soy based candles made to light up the soul.

May there be light and may you overcome all shadows.