Mothers day 2021


Mother's Day has only been celebrated in Europe since 1908. It originated in the United States, from where it spread to about 50 other countries in the early 20th century. Some nations associate Mother's Day with ancient celebrations, such as the Greek and Roman celebrations of the mother goddess Cybele, and special Christian holidays, but there is actually no connection between them.

Does the word mother begin with the letter "m" in most modern languages? Mutter, mana, mere, mother, ma, mai, matka, majka, mor, moer, madre, mat, mama, mare, maica are the words that characterize this caring female being we all love so much.

Every child adores their mother and would do anything for her, so it is the responsibility of all mothers to protect their children, teach them responsibility, compassion and work habits that contribute to a more beautiful and kind world.

Did you know that the most popular gifts we give our mothers each year are flowers, jewelry, clothing, mugs, books and beauty rituals.

What will you choose for your mom this year?