The endings, beginnings and cycle of life

Every year we promise that the next year will be very different. And then we make a list of all the things we will do. And then the end of the year comes again and a new list follows. But how many of us look at that list throughout the year, how long do our promises really last, why do we stop making them, why do we even dream. There is something in us that reinvigorates our spirit every time we start something new. Excitement, adrenaline, serotonin ... Momentum ... and then when things become routine, motivation drops and we give up. All we have then are excuses and a guilty conscience.

That's why at Good for You, we have decided not to make any vows or lists this year. Once until the new year, because we have said we are not making any more plans, we are going to take time for ourselves, maybe on a walk to a nearby hill, maybe in a tub full of scented salts, maybe over lunch, a glass of wine, a fireplace, or a playground if we are just in on the antics of our heirs to the throne. During this time, we will do a mini self-reflection. How I am feeling right now? And either way, we will embrace the feeling with gratitude. Maybe with love. No probing, no questions, no accusations. Linear. And then we take a deep breath with full lungs and quickly push it out into the open. Let it go.

And that's it. Awareness through letting go. And not just with the new year, but from now on we will experience and live each day through three filters. Acceptance, if it does not work, change and if it does not work, release. Our wishes are simple. Be good, be good to others and be good to yourself. It's always possible and the most beautiful gift.