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Good Candle

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Signature scent.

Fill your room with a blend of aromatherapy scents that will always remind you of spring awakening and new beginnings. Relax with the scent of Siberian larch that sings of eternity, cardamom that carries wintry notes, citrus that evokes summer with a basket of fresh fruit, and bamboo that promises lightness. Fill up with spring and dance into a new day.


  • 100% natural soy wax
  • 100% natural wood wick
  • Natural fragrances:  teakwood, cardamom, bamboo
  • Burning time: more than 35 hours
  • Candle size: 7,3 cm (D) x 8 cm (H), 160g
  • Matte black glass jar


NatureWax C-3 is a 100% soy wax, ideal for use in container candles, made from pure 100% soy and firmly selected botanical oils. It has a soft, creamy appearance, a nice smooth finish with a low chance of blooming (white glaze) when dyes are used. NatureWax C3, designed as a disposable wax, has good adhesion to containers, which can be enhanced by preheated jars, and allows candles to cool slowly when poured. C-3 has an exceptional fragrance with scents and essential oils and a creamy white appearance with very little shrinkage.

All our products are proudly enhanced, with a GH symbol, which meets all the criteria for obtaining the certificate Energy Influence on the human organism No. 0261 of the BION Institute.

The GH symbol indicates a predominantly stimulating effect. Exceptions are muscle tension and skin conductivity, where it has a calming effect. The GH symbol stimulates the human organism; however, with prolonged exposure it has a rather relaxing effect.

The Institute BION is an internationally renowned scientific research institution that conducts tests and issues certificates in the field of (ultra)low emission. This includes objects with a supposed protective energetic influence on people, water or places, the influence of various (bio)energetic therapies and methods, but also the quality of water sources.

I believe in the good. In everything. Since my first interaction with Good Healer, I believe in good energy even more. Having Good Healer Products in my daily life reminds me how powerful, lucky and loved I am.


A talisman is something that grandmothers or mothers usually leave us. I received a Good Talisman and I constantly carry it in my heart all the time. Not only is it a trinket that brightens my everyday wardrobe, but every time I anticipate a challenge. It calms me down, gives me strength and I notice that I have more energy during the day. And one day I wish I could pass it on.


I received Good Bracelet as a gift from a loved one and it has been my faithful companion for some time now. It's much more than just a fashion accessory. It is something special and as such also reflects me.


I received Good Bracelet as a gift. It was supposed to protect me from chronic illness. Although I expected nothing, my condition, almost miraculously, improved considerably.


Good Bracelet became my "sacred object." I believe it protects me. I was given it as a gift and I slide my fingers along the knots every morning with a cup of coffee. It's part of my ritual, it calms me and prepares me for the day.


This year Santa gave me a very special gift, a Good Bracelet. It adorns my hand and even strengthens me energetically. It is made with quality and style and feels very comfortable in the hand. Like a gentle positive hug. I recommend it to everyone.