Your claim/complaint will not be considered twenty (20) days after the date of purchase. It will also not be considered if the condition of the product purchased has been lost due to damage, implied/executed force or treatment as defined below. Silver products can lose their luxurious coating due to oxidation - they tend to turn yellowish or darken to varying degrees - mostly depending on the PH factor (acidity of the skin) of the wearer or e.g. perfumes, hairspray, body milk, shampoo, beauty creams used. Direct contact with water should also be avoided. When storing silver jewelry, one should definitely avoid storing it in jewelry boxes that contain precious metals or costume jewelry, gold, pearls, coral in addition to silver. As mentioned earlier, various cosmetics, sprays, oils and fragrances can contain chemicals that can damage your silver makeup. One should wait for liquid makeup or perfume, etc. to dry on the skin before putting on their silver jewelry. One should also be careful that such a soft precious metal is easily spoiled by scratches or bumps. Never use cleaning equipment or water - to keep your gems in perfect condition, always use a dry, soft cloth. You will be completely satisfied and we too would be very grateful if you would follow the above advice and wear your silver with the recommended care.