Distant Healing

Distance treatment is an already proven form of consultation, which takes place without physical contact. At a time when contact and touch is hindered, there is also an alternative possibility that allows almost everyone to connect with the Good Healer.

Distant healing takes place through connections while you peacefully relax in the safe security of your home. In about 25 minutes, intensive work is done afterwards, and we advise you to be especially gentle with yourself on this day. The reactions in the coming days may vary. Physical and mental cleansing, stronger emotional reactions to the surroundings, light to moderate pain, nausea and anxiety are completely normal and usually disappear within 24 hours. Prepare yourself, accept and internalize.



You can send us a request with personal information (which we manage in accordance with the GDPR) to the email address or telephone number and we will than determine the time and day for your consultation.

For this form of collaboration you will need a portrait photo, which you can send to our email or by SMS.

All you need to do is take about half an hour, calm down and lie down in a room where you feel comfortable. During this time the Good Healer will make the connections.

After the service you will receive an invoice from us by email.


Once upon a time, not so long ago, a tiny boy was born into the world. Even in the cradle, he faced a difficult test. His body riddled with numerous tumours left doctors just helplessly twisted their arms at the sight of him. But, as sometimes before, a miracle happened. The boy was completely healed. He was getting stronger every day, and people loved to say that he was touched by the hand of God. Despite the strength he nurtured in himself from now on, he remained humble and down to earth and when he felt it, he began to help people.

It is considered that touch is the best healing remedy as it connects two living beings into one. The healer, however, has the power to connect both beings with ONE. It touches all who have pure intentions and a compassionate heart. Because he knows that life sometimes brings challenges along the way that bind us in ice and lock everything that could be crushed and cause us wounds. The healer helps remove obstacles that have prevented you from living a full and happy life for years.

Live Consultation

They are booked by prior arrangement on a specific date for a live consultation. On that day you will arrive at the GH center, where you will wait in the waiting room in strict compliance with all medical regulations. During this short time you will fill in a short questionnaire, which we will keep for our own records in accordance with GDPR.

As soon as you are admitted to the consultation center, you will present your ailments, wishes and fears chronologically and comfortably in the room. After the interview you will be placed on a medical bed in the next few minutes,where the Good Healer will make connections in the next few minutes. Relax and trust the process. Your task is to make a conscious decision for a change, because in the days after the therapy a whole series of changes are waiting for you. On all levels. 

A Good Healer is the one who helps you to unlock what you are holding on to. It is your responsibility to take care of the new way of life and the changes in it. Note that Good Healer does not replace official medical treatments. After a therapy there can be various reactions, which usually subside within two days. You go to counseling as needed or as a preventive measure. We strive to make everything good.