In Good We Trust.

To live is not to control one's life, but to surrender to it. It is time for mindfulness.

Take the first step towards your new path.

Plagued by various worries, we forget that everything good and bad accumulates in our bodies. When problems become pains and illnesses, the body tells us that we are not living in harmony with nature, that we are not in tune with the universe, and that we are not processing, but only accumulating. Then we pile up endless visits to various specialists, our cupboards swell under various medications, and instead of stopping and listening, we reach for a solution that will cure the consequence.

We get caught in a web that is hard to break out of. With us, at Good for You Holistic Center, we touch the core and condition of the disease, whether on a physical, mental or spiritual level. We help you reconnect with your essence, calm you down and help you live for today. A miracle is the power of your thoughts, manifesting them into actions, and transforming them into deep confidence and self-assurance. You are the one who takes the first step on your new path.

Find Balance

Book your first healing consultation with Good Healer and start living differently.


By prior arrangement, you will be booked for a live consultation on a specific date. On that day, you will come to the GH Center where you will wait in the waiting room in strict compliance with all medical regulations. During this short time you will complete a short questionnaire which we will keep for our own records in accordance with GDPR.

Once you are admitted to the consultation, you will present your complaints, wishes and fears chronologically and comfortably in the room. After the consultation, you will be placed on a hospital couch where the Good Healer will connect over the next few minutes. Relax and trust the process. Your task is to consciously choose to change, because a whole series of changes await you in the days following therapy. On all levels. 

A Good Healer is the one who helps you release what you are holding onto. It is your responsibility to take care of the new way of life and the changes that come with it. Note that the Good Healer is not a substitute for formal medical treatments. After therapy, you may experience various reactions that usually subside within two days. You will go for a consultation if needed or as a preventative measure. We strive to change everything for the better.


Distance Healing

Distance healing is an already proven form of counseling that takes place without physical contact. In a time when contact and touch are discouraged, there is also an alternative way that allows almost anyone to connect with the Good Healer.

Distance healing takes place through connections while you relax in the safe environment of your home. This is followed by about 25 minutes of intense work, and we advise you to be extra gentle with yourself that day. Reactions over the next few days may vary. Physical and mental cleansing, stronger emotional reactions to the environment, mild to moderate pain, nausea and anxiety are completely normal and usually disappear within 24 hours. Prepare, accept and internalize.



You can send us a request with personal data (which we manage in accordance with the GDPR) to the email address or phone number and we will then schedule the time and day for your consultation.

For this form of collaboration, you will need a portrait photo, which you can send to our email or via SMS.

All you need to do is take about half an hour, calm down and lie down in a place where you feel comfortable. During this time, the Good Healer will make the connections.

After the service, you will receive an invoice from us via email.

Start living in harmony with yourself. Today.