Good for You

The Good for You brand offers essential products that bring balance and good energy into your life and into the lives of your loved ones.

Permeability and acceptance
are a reflection of a solid inner pillar.

We can perceive life as a unique adventure and just take a steep path. But in the meantime it happens that the path divides, becomes different, sometimes impassable, other times it is open and clear again. It is important that we trust ourselves along the way, that we trust that only the best is always meant for us. That which strengthens us and that which enriches us.


Let the magic happen

When something unexpected happens in our lives, we notice how strongly we cling to the past. Our body reacts mechanically on a subconscious level with three patterns. We either resist change, we are afraid of it, or we are outraged by it. All three are normal reactions when we feel threatened.

Sometimes, however, something magical happens during change. Not necessarily always for the better, but it is definitely different. This "magic" is rooted in our being and we call it to surrender. The Good For You brand strives to bring all of our informed products into your life with peace and encouragement for everyday challenges.

In need of some good inspiration?

We all need it sometimes. That's why we started our blog called Good News. We hope that reading our blog posts will remind you to be patient, celebrate love, and find inner peace.


Start living in harmony
with yourself. Today.